Simply the greatest band ever. They defy labels and their music defies time. The band rose from relative obscurity to greatness when David Gilmour joined the band, and eventually replaced Syd Barrett. All my favorite Pink Floyd songs involve Gilmour’s guitar work and his sense of music. Waters' lyrics are ok, but his real contribution to the group is his perfectionism and his attention to detail. After 23 years, the band re-formed to play for the Live-8 Benefit for Africa concert on July 4, 2005 – a very happy day indeed!

Each of these ladies represent the greatest Pink Floyd albums. From left to right they are:

At this point, Roger Waters and David Gilmour had a falling out over "creative differences", and David Gilmour and the remaining two Pink Floyd members, Rick Wright and Nick Mason, continued on as Pink Floyd and produced two more albums: