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Rode my Honda CL450 to school.  My Dad was gone for a year as he worked in Tehran, Iran.  Hung out with “the Jets”, Mark McPhail, Steve Mullins, Maureen Goodwin, Ken Satterlee, Larry Thatt, Diane Reynolds, Patty Panachek. Also, Mark Kautsky, Steve Crowder, Lisa Shuman, Shane Butler, and the counselors (and riding buddies) Wayne Murphy and Bill Corsette.  Did some skiing and some backpacking.  Took Diane Reynolds to the Winter dance, and Sue Hatton to the Senior Prom.
Concerned that I might be drafted by the US Army and sent to Vietnam, I joined the US Navy Sea Cadet program. We met Tuesdays in Santa Monica, and then reported twice a month to our training ship in San Pedro, the USS Mulany – DD528.  I also spent two weeks at boot camp in San Diego.

I attended the 10th, 30th and 40th high school reunions.   Andy Senelick was the primary force behind organizing these last two events.  All the 40th pictures are on Facebook.  I've included two in the photo gallery, below.  Andy has posted some pictures of the 30th event on his Classmates.com page, which can be viewed here.  (Registration with Classmates.com is required, but it's free.)  I also snapped some pictures, and they can be viewed here.


Talking with Penny, Judy, and Pam at my 40th high school reunion

40th reunion of our fellow Sea Cadets.

The Music Man

In my senior year I joined the high school choir. We did a production in the spring of The Music Man. We gave three shows, I think. During one of the shows, my Physics teacher, Mr. Tan, snapped this picture and later gave it to me. That's me in the hat pointing to "the Wells Fargo Wagon."

My ID Card as a Navy Cadet

Dirk Gastaldo, Ken Satterlee, Steve Mullins, Mark McPhail

My Jet brothers (an inside joke.) They were also the barbershop quartet for The Music Man. Here they are, at a party at Larry Thatt's house, breaking out into song.

Lori Tubach and I were voted the class flirts

Lori was disappointed. I was stunned.

Camp Counselor at Shadow Valley Ranch.

Looks like it was hike day for Lisa Shuman's and my cabins, as indicated by the sack lunches. I'm giving the "pinkey wave."

Driving home from Arizona

Wayne Murphy snapped this shot as we finished up our summer at Shadow Valley Ranch

Diane Reynolds was my date for the winter dance

And Sue Hatton was my date for the Senior Prom

Wayne Murphy. My high school friend and riding buddy

The A Capella Choir.

I'm fifth from the left in the back row.

My friend, Dirk Gastaldo

My friends in the Etc. band: Larry Thatt, Mark McPahil, Ken Satterlee, Gary Sufrin, and Tim Timm

Mark McPahil on bass

Mark McPhail and Maureen Goodwin

This is a "colorized" B&W photo of the Navy Destroyer to which our Sea Cadet platoon was assigned.

Another picture of our ship - USS Mulany

My graduating class from Navy boot camp.

I'm second to last row, second in from the right.

Top half of page 1

The program guide for our production of The Music Man

Bottom half of page 1

Top half of page 2

My buddy, Mike Gastaldo, did a great job as Marcellus Washburn. He now works for a movie studio! And Maureen Moore had a fantastic voice as Marion.

Bottom half of page 2

Top half of page 3

Mark McPhail, Ken Satterlee, Gary Sufrin, Steve Mullins, Larry Thatt, Maureen Goodwin - The Jets

Bottom half of page 3

There's me! I'm a "salesman" How ironic!

Top half of page 4

Bottom half of page 4

It appears that starting in the fall of 2011, WHS will no longer be a LA Unfied High School.

Here's the article:

Edited by David Coffin
May 31, 2011

Westchester’s Dreams of a Local High School Dashed

Fritz Burns had a vision 60 years ago when he developed the 20,000 homes just north of what is now LAX. He knew that if Westchester was going to be a community it would have to have schools, and so he offered up 42 acres to the LAUSD to build the community a high school. 

Well LAUSD has taken that away from the community now. Westchester no longer has a high school as the LAUSD School board voted Tuesday to turn Westchester High School into a magnet school.

Westchester high school will be modeled after Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies (LACES) with a fairly strict demographic balance. 30% white and 70% other racial groups equally split. It won’t be like LACES however because one of the schools biggest benefits is that it is a grades 6-12 span school that provides long term continuity to those enrolled there. High school magnets don’t enjoy the same kind of success.

What will that mean to the Westchester community? Through the ‘Choices Program’, the school will probably be sought after by families throughout the district as they try to get their children out of their own badly performing district schools. 59 out of 70 LAUSD high schools do not meet AYP and are designated ‘PI’ schools. That’s a lot of potential feeders schools that may funnel students  into Westchester’s soon to be magnet program. 

For the time being, just about anyone from Westchester willing to give the LAUSD ‘yet another chance’ will have an easy time enrolling but as enrollment goes up, at some level students ‘will need points’ to get in. Westchester families will not have any priority over any other students in Los Angeles. As a magnet, it’s not our school anymore.

As enrollment climbs there will eventually be a shortage of available seats within the strict demographic enrollment structure.  Westchester’s African-American and hispanic students will likely be the first to find out we don’t have a local high school anymore as students from elsewhere in the district find seats in the school. Not accumulating enough points playing the enrollment game, they will be the first to be bused off to Venice, University, Hamilton, or wherever LAUSD officials can find seats.

Not far behind,  Westchester’s white students will also be bused off to other low achieving high schools in the district. It’s only a matter time as each one of these demographic groups fill up the allotted space available.

This is what happened at LACES when it took over Louis Pasteur Junior High School in the Mid-City area of Los Angeles.

Westchester’s magnet school success assumes that the district is able to provide an education that people will value.  That’s is a big IF given this districts poor academic record.




LA Unified School District


US Naval Sea Cadet Corp


Naval History of the USS Mulany



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