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The registration tent

The dining tent

Note the audio/video set-up. It was playing Indy 500 highlights, including Wally Dallenbach's races.

The hotel in Snowmass

Our first day

We've been riding for about 90 minutes and we've stopped to take inventory

Long wait

JJ's bike was too loud, so, the dealer stuffed his exhaust pipe with steel wool to quiet it down. But, now his bike couldn't breathe properly, and he was stalling on all the uphills. He yanked out the steel wool, and we now had a loud leader.

Some pass where we all met

same pass

The rain was starting to fall

The hotel in Crested Butte - bike row

Power washing stations

With ice chests of beer in the background

The support rigs. Kawasaki and Dunlop on the left, Revloc on the right.

Day 2. Once again, taking inventory

Another nice pass

Another nice pass, different view

Another nice pass

Fred & me at Engineer Pass. The smile on Fred's face says it all.

Looking down on Anima Forks

Anima Forks, and old mining town

Looking down on Ouray

A view of the valley

Wolfman & Me

Wolfman pointing the way

The awards dinner. Bill Woolman presenting

Larry Roeseller & Team Green

Larry Roeseller & Team Green

My buddy Grant, with his pink 'training bra'


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The 2006 group picture

Looking for me? Do you see the guy in the bright orange tee shirt with a baseball cap on the far left side? Well, I'm two guys behind him.

A photographer snapped this one of me





The Colorado 500

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