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This local radio station DJ duo are the funniest guys on radio.  Lamont Hollywood (real name Tod Fryfogle ) is the comedy genius, with his sense of timing and amazing vocal skills.  Paul Tonelli is a perfect straight man, with his command of the English language, his razor-sharp wit, and overall awareness of current events.  These guys could easily be syndicated and dominate the country, but I’m glad they don’t, and instead focus themselves on a local bay-area format.  Their influence is so great that a recent move from their previous home on the top bay area rock & roll station (KSJO) to relatively unknown station (KSAN) resulted in KSJO’s demise, and KSAN’s rise up in the ranks. KSAN is now the top bay area Rock & Roll station, and is the home station for the San Francisco 49ers.

  Lamont and Toneli, along with their super-producer Sully and Brook Burke.




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