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Kentwood Elementary School


Teacherís I had:
First Grade : Mrs. Wright
Second Grade: Mrs. Campoderos (sp?)
Third Grade:  Mrs. Cook (when JFK was killed.)
Fourth Grade: Mr. Pfieffer
Fifth Grade: Ms. Caldwell
Sixth Grade: Mrs. Sudderith ?


I played little league baseball on the Comets and the Stars. 

That's me, with the glasses.


I played first base. 

 I was a Cub Scout, but never became a Boy Scout, due to schedule conflict with baseball.  Our family was very involved with the local  YMCA.  I looked forward to going away for a week to boys camp every summer.  These camps were located in the San Bernardino mountains, about two hours from LA.  In 1965 I went to Camp Round Meadow

I'm in the middle of the third row, wearing the camp T-shirt.  I look pretty happy.  I was!  I loved going to camp.

And in 1966 - 1968 I went to Camp Little Green Valley

I'm in the third row with the glasses.  Another kid in the third row has glasses, too.  I'm the one on the left.

I'm in the last row of kids, third from the left.

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Friends I recall -

Richard Aquirre, Robert Wright,  Richard McLaughlin, David White

Here is our graduation class list announced in the June 12, 1967 edition of the Kentwood Sprinter:





LA Unified School District


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