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This is a great sport.  Loads of fun.

Our team was the Blade Runners. 

Back row:  Me, our neighbor - Stephen Brashear, ?, Jason, ?, ?,  our neighbor - Dave Simon, and his brother, Dan.  Front row:  Our goalie: Stan Knight.





Of course, I'm a big fan of the San Jose Sharks NHL ice hockey team.  We are part of a group with season tickets. 


Our seats at the HP Pavilion are right behind where the TV and radio announcers broadcast.  Here are two pictures of the announcers doing their job


In the first picture are the Sharks TV announcers doing a segment -  that's Randy Hahn on the left and Drew Remenda on the right.  In the background you can see part of Jamie Baker and all of Dan Rusanowski, both in blue shirts.  They are the Sharks radio announcers.  In the second picture, Randy and Drew have been joined by the former team captain of the Sharks - Owen Nolan. Owen had been recently traded to Phoenix.  It looks like Dan Rusanowski has decided to stretch his legs in the background.



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