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Here's a list of some of the activities I'm planning to do in the next five years.

...some of these plans are more serious then others...

bulletSusan and I would like to drive our RV across the country and back.  We would take our time and see lots of museums and historical sites along the way. 

bulletI'd like to ride my KTM motorcycle from my home in San Jose south into Mexico and to the tip of the Baja Peninsula.  Here's a web site for BajaBound, a company that helps you with your Baja trip logistics.  Here's a web site of The Lizard Lady, a wife and husband team that has scouted the Baja area and documented lots of great trailriding trips using GPS.  For the return trip, I can either ride back the same road (boring) or, I can catch a ferry over to the Mexican mainland and ride back that way.  This would add several more days to the trip.

bullet I'd like to ride my KTM motorcycle across the USA on trails.   There is a set of maps you can buy from these guys that lay out your exact course. 

We actually have done some of these activites:  Ones that we've completed include:

bullet  Susan & I took an Alaska Cruisetour to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.  See pictures here

bulletWe traveled to Thailand to visit Katie while she was studying abroad there.  It was Susan and myself as well as Sean and his girlfriend, Laura.  Here was our itinerary.   While we were in Bangkok, I stopped by to see Jesse and Victor and got a custom suit made!

bulletSusan and I took a trip on the Goldwing through Oregon.


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