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On the Archbishop Mitty High School varsity football team

Jason, with his teammates Aaron and Chet.

At the end-of-season team ceremony

Jason honored his grandmother with his jersey.

A junior prom group photo

A grin on high school graduation day.

Helping Katie celebrate that she was named Mis Piranha 2002

Kevin Rawson, Sean and Jason

Travis Boettner, Jason and Sean

Formal dinner night on the cruise ship

Travis Boettner, Jason and Sean

At the ship's casino

Jason, Travis Boettner, Kevin Rawson, and David Kupec.

The Den Two Pythons have grown up!

Katie & Jason

At Jason Boettner's wedding

Jason's graduation day from California Polytechnical University, San Luis Obispo

Jason and the dean of the Business College

Click here to see pictures of Jason as a kid

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