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Chelsea, our first Yellow Lab, around 1980

Before kids, just the three of us. She was a very classy dog. We had her for fourteen and a half years.

Chelsea loved to sit in chairs, and was always the life of the party.

Chelsea was game for anything.

Her she is, riding on the water tube with me.

Chelsea & Sadie, around 1992

We had both Chelsea and Sadie for a few years. Sadie was able to offer high energy fun for the kids, while Chelsea was enjoying her 'golden years.'

Sadie as a pup and Beamer


As a puppy, sitting in the bushes


Filling up her bed


She loves her toys, in this case, an octopus

Hattie the water dog

Where's Waldo?

Beamer, dressed as a reindeer

I donít know a lot about cats, but, it seems to me that the best measurement of a particular cat is how close they behave like a dog. From my limited experience, tabby cats seem to be the best at this, with orange tabby cats leading the rest. Such was our cat Jim Beam (a.k.a. Beamer.) He was a stray that we had in our family for a long time. Alas, he lost his ninth and final life in a confrontation with a car.


This is cat always cold. Here she is, on top of her house, trying to get warm.

Lucy, in Katie's art project


My childhood dog. A miserable animal. He bit all of us. My awful experience with this toy poodle led me to research dogs and determine the best breed. Which is why we've had three Yellow Labrador Retrievers (and no Poodles.)


Pure evil.



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