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I think itís obvious that friends make the world go around.  No man is an island, and life would be pretty intolerable without friends.  However , I donít think itís possible to have a large quantity of real friends.  You just canít spread yourself that thin.  I think many people believe they can, but in a crunch, they will learn that these people werenít actually really friends.  So, Iím very happy and grateful to count the following people as my friends.


Christmas, maybe around 2000

From the top, Sue Benson, Shelley Taylor, Joyce Wong, Susan Raser, Debbie Smyth, Patricia Jones, Alan Jones, Ann Dahl, Laura Boettner (on the other side of the banister), Eric Wong, Bruce Dahl, Robert Benson, Dan Smyth, Lori Kupec, me, Art Taylor and Jim Kupec.


Dan Smyth and me, enjoying a suds.

The boys from the 'hood.

Alan Jones, Bruce Dahl, me (pontificating), Bill Kraemer, Dan Smyth, Steve Boettner and the back of Jim Kupec's head. Hey Jim - no bald spot. Way to go!

Bringing the new puppy home

Laura Boettner and Hobie

Laura and her second son, Travis

The ladies cruising the streets of Ensenada

Joyce Wong, Susan, Sue Benson, and Shelley Taylor, along with Shelley's newest best friend.

Enjoying the day at Papas and Beers

We went on a cruise to Mexico for Shelley Taylor's birthday. The cruise gang included Shelley & Art Taylor, Sue and Robert Benson, Joyce & Eric Wong, and Susan & me.

Yosemite - April 2005

Shelley Taylor, Joan Kraemer, Patricia Jones, Susan

Warren & Kathy Whittington, Loni & Mark Foster.

Sean driving Mark Foster's boat ~ 1986

Christian Rennenger

My dirt riding buddy, on one of our rides. 2006

Steve Cross and me

My other dirt riding buddy. He also joined us for our Baja 1000 adventure. Never say the words 'flat tire' around Steve.

Mark & Karen McPhail

Mark is my buddy from the 7th grade!

The seven dwarves at Halloween

Me, Bryn, Bruce Marata, Bill Horst, Susan, Maureen Goodwin, Susan, and Diana.

Marc & Maureen Ferraro and Mark & Karen McPhail

Our idea of fun was pouring alcohol down Maureen's throat.

Maureen Goodwin - my best friend in high school.

This was taken June 1976, as we headed off to sell books in Massachusetts for the summer.

The book selling gang at The Old North Church

July 4th, 1976, was our country's 200th birthday. It was a Sunday, so, we had the day off from selling books. A bunch of us drove into Boston to check out the local festivites. We didn't find much, but still got this picture snapped in front of this historic site. (You know - one if by land ...)

Steve Crowder (a.k.a Nick Danger) and me. Another friend, Craig Wells, looking on.

George Crowder - one of my roommates post-college.

We're cruising the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Richard Young

My neighbor in the dorms and my best friend during my first year at college.

Wayne Murphy

My riding buddy from 11th grade.

He had a CB 750, and I had a CL450. We drove those bikes everywhere, and we also were camp counselors together at Shadow Valley Ranch in Prescott, Ariz.

Mark Foster and me enjoying lunch at Big Sur Lodge during a ride.

A great friend to my family and me for 24 years

Mark Foster on his 1800 cc Goldwing

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