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Pink Floyd:  A Momentary Lapse Of Reason
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Release Date:  September, 1987


Signs of Life  (Gilmour, Ezrin) [4:24].

Learning to Fly  (Gilmour, Moore, Ezrin, Carin) [4:52].

The Dogs of War  (Gilmour, Moore) [6:05].

One Slip  (Gilmour, Manzanera) [5:07].

On the Turning Away  (Gilmour, Moore) [5:39].

Yet Another Movie  (Gilmour, Leonard).

Round and Around  (Gilmour) [7:25]

A New Machine (Part 1)  (Gilmour) [1:46].

Terminal Frost  (Gilmour) [6:17]

A New Machine (Part 2)  (Gilmour) [0:36].

Sorrow  (Gilmour) [8:46]


Disk Facts:


David Gilmour - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Producer, sequencing

Nick Mason - Percussion, Drums, Sound Effects, Drums (Electric)

Richard Wright - Piano, Keyboards, Organ (Hammond), Vocals, kurzweil

Tom Scott - Sax (Alto), Sax (Soprano)

Carmine Appice - Drums

Jim Keltner - Drums

Jon Carin - Keyboards

Bob Ezrin - Percussion, Keyboards, Producer, sequencing

Steve Forman Percussion, Halliwell Saxophone

Michael Landau - Guitar

Patrick Leonard - Synthesizer

Tony Levin - Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Electric), Stick

Scott Page - Sax (Tenor)

Bill Payne - Organ, Organ (Hammond)

Scott Scott - Saxophone

Richard Shaw - Saxophone

Backing vocals - Phyllis Saint James, Donny Gerrard, Carmen Twillie, Darlene Koldenhoven

Recorded at Astoria, Britannia Row, Mayfair, Audio international (London) and AXM, Can Am, Village Recorder, Le Mobile (L.A.).

Produced by Bob Ezrin and David Gilmour

Recording and mixing engineered by Andrew Jackson

Assisted by Robert (Ringo) Hrycyna with Marc Desisto, Stan Katayama, Jeff Demorris

Additional remixing - James Guthrie

Cover design - Nexus

Engineer - Guy Charbonneau Engineer

Assistant engineer - Jeff DeMorris, Marc DeSisto, Robert Hrycyna, Stan Katayama

Sound effects, engineer, mixing - Andrew Jackson

Remixing - James Guthrie

Art direction, Cover Design - Storm Thorgerson

Front cover concept - Storm Thorgerson and Nexus

Graphic design - Andrew Ellis, Icon, London

Photography - Robert Dowling

Production - Lance Williams, Richard Straw

Portrait - David Bailey

Additional photoghraphy - Robert Mort

Artwork - Mekon

Spherical sound by Tom Jones, Ken Caillats, Sarah Bruce

Recorded by Guy Charbonne, Le Mobile

Additional sound effects by Andrew Jackson

General technical and musical instrument supervision - Phil Taylor

Mastered at Mastering Lab & Precision Laquer

Two version of front cover exists: The man on the bed has either a mirror in his hand or is breaking a drumstick.




Learning to fly

Into the distance, a ribbon of black
stretched to the point of no turning back
a flight of fancy on a wind swept field
standing alone my sense reeled
a fatal attraction holding me fast, how
can I escape this irresistible grasp?
can't keep my eyes from the circling sky
tongue-tied & twisted just an earthbound misfit, I
ice is forming on the tips of my wings
unheeded warnings, I thought I thought of everything
no navigator to guide my way home
unladened, empty and turned to stone

a soul in tension that's learning to fly
condition grounded but determined to try
can't keep my eyes from the circling skies
tongue-tied & twisted just an earthbound misfit, I

above the planet on a wing and a prayer
my grubby halo, a vapour trail in the empty air
across the clouds I see my shadow fly
out of the corner of my watering eye
a dream unthreatened by the morning light
could blow this soul right through the roof of the night

there's no sensation to compare with this
suspended animation, a state of bliss
can't keep my mind from the circling sky
tongue-tied & twisted just an earthbound misfit, I


The Dogs of War

Dogs of war and men of hate
with no cause, we don't discriminate
discovery is to be disowned
our currency is flesh and bone
hell opened up and put on sale
gather round and haggle
for hard cash, we will lie and deceive
even our masters don't know the webs we heave

one world, it's a battleground
one world, and we will smash it down
one world

Invisible transfers, long distance calls
hollow laughter in marble halls
steps have been taken, a silent uproar
has unleashed the dogs of war
you can't stop what has begun
signed, sealed, they deliver oblivion
we all have a dark side, to say the least
and dealing in death is the nature of the beast
one world, it's a battleground
one world, and we will smash it down
one world

The dogs of war don't negotiate
the dogs of war won't capitulate
they will take and you will give
and you must die so that they may live
you can knock at any door
but wherever you go, you know they've been there before
well winners can lose and things can get strained
but whatever you change, you know the dogs remain

one world, it's a battleground
one world, and we will smash it down
one world


One slip

A restless eye across a weary room
a glazed look and I was on the road to ruin
the music played and played as we whirled without end
no hint, no word her honour to defend

I will, I will, she sighed to my request
and then she tossed her mane while my resolve was put
to the test
then drowned in desire, our souls on fire
I led the way to the funeral pyre
and without a thought of the consequence
I gave in to my decadence

one slip, and down the hole we fall
it seems to take no time at all
a momentary lapse of reason
that binds a life for life
a small regret, you won't forget
there'll be no sleep in here tonight

was it love, or was it the idea of being in love?
or was it the hand of fate, that seemed to fit just
like a glove?
the moment slipped by and soon the seeds were sown
the year grew late and neither one wanted to remain

one slip, and down the hole we fall
it seems to take no time at all
a momentary lapse of reason
that binds a life to a life
the one regret, you will never forget
there'll be no sleep in here tonight
one slip...


On the turning away

On the turning away
from the pale and downtrodden
and the words they say
which we won't understand
" don't accept that what's happening
is just a case of others' suffering
or you'll find that you're joining in
the turning away"

It's a sin that somehow
light is changing to shadow
and casting it's shroud
over all we have known
unaware how the ranks have grown
driven on by a heart of stone
we could find that we're all alone
in the dream of the proud

On the wings of the night
as the daytime is stirring
where the speechless unite
in a silent accord
using words you will find are strange
and mesmerised as they light the flame
feel the new wind of change
on the wings of the night

No more turning away
from the weak and the weary
no more turning away
from the coldness inside
just a world that we all must share
it's not enough just to stand and stare
is it only a dream that there'll be
no more turning away?


Yet another movie

One sound, one single sound
one kiss, one single kiss,
a face outside the window pane,
however did it come to this?

A man who ran: a child who cried
a girl who heard, a voice that lied
the sun that burned a fiery red
the vision of an empty bed

The use of forge, he was so tough
she'll soon submit, she's had enough
the march of fate, the broken will
someone is lying very still

He has laughed and he has cried
he has fought and he has died
he's just the same as all the rest,
he's not the worst, he's not the best

And still this ceaseless murmuring,
the babbling that I brook,
the seas of faces, eyes upraised
the empty screen, the vacant look

A man in black on a snow white horse,
a pointless life has run it's course,
the red rimmed eyes, the tears still run
as he fades into the setting sun


A new machine (part 1)

I have always been here
I have always looked out from behind these eyes
it feels like more than a lifetime
feels like more than a lifetime

Sometimes I get tired of the waiting
sometimes I get tired of being in here
is this the way it has always been?
could it ever have been different?

Do you ever get tired of the waiting?
do you ever get tired of being in there?
don't worry, nobody lives forever,
nobody lives forever


A new machine (part 2)

I will always be here
I will always look out from behind these eyes
It's only a lifetime
It's only a lifetime
It's only a lifetime



The sweet smell of a great sorrow lies over the land
plumes of smoke rise and merge into the leaden sky:
a man lies and dreams of green fields and rivers
but awakes to a morning with no reason for waking

He's haunted by the memory of a lost paradise
in his youth or a dream, he can't be precise
he's chained forever to a world that's departed
It's not enough, It's not enough

His blood has frozen & curdled with fright
his knees have trembled & given way in the night
his hand has weakened at the moment of truth
his step has faltered

One world, one soul
Time pass, the river roll

And he talks to the river of lost love and dedication
and silent replies that swirl invitation
flow dark and troubled to any oily sea
a grim intimation of what is to be
There's an unceasing wind that blows through this night
and there's dust in my eyes, that blinds my sight
and silence that speaks so much louder than words
of promises broken




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