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As I said on my opening page, I've got a great wife, three great kids, and four grand-kids.  Each of our children are married to wonderful people.  You can click here to see pictures of our family.

Susan and I have been married 41 years.  We are the same age, and met during our second year of college, at UC Santa Barbara.  Click here for pictures of us.

We were married for two years when Sean came along.  He didn't get to be an only child for long, since Jason followed in about twenty months.  Katie came along four years later.  Sean and Jason were born while we were living in Chino Hills, in Southern California.  Katie was born during the one year that I had relocated our family to Wichita, Kansas.  But our kids all pretty much grew up in San Jose.  They all attended Guadalupe elementary school, Dartmouth middle school, and Archbishop Mitty high school. 

Sean went on to his parent's alma mater, UCSB, where studied math and where he also met his future wife - Cristina de la Cruz.   After graduating, they both lived in Japan, teaching English for the JETT Program,  and traveled around the far east for a year.  They married in 2012 and have settled in Castro Valley (San Francisco area) where he is a high school math teacher at California High in San Ramon.  Cristina is a manager at Robert Half on the Legal Professionals team.   They have a son, Maxx Speed Raser who is now over five years old.    Click here for current pictures of Sean, or click here for pictures of Sean as a kid.  Click here for pictures of Sean & Cristina's wedding.  Click here for pictures of Maxx.

Jason went to college at California Polytechnical University in San Luis Obispo, California.  He graduated with a degree in business and has settled in San Jose, California where he is the Tax Manager for Robert Lee Accounting Firm.  He married Ashley Pickering, in 2011.  Ashley had grown up in our neighborhood and graduated from Chico State University.  Jason and Ashley began dating after they both returned to San Jose after graduating.  You can view their wedding website here, which includes pictures of the happy couple.  They have a son, Elliott James, that was born in 2017, and twin daughters, Hannah and Natalie, born in 2018.  Click here for current pictures of Jason, or click here for pictures of Jason as a kid.  Click here for pictures of Elliott.

Katie graduated from college at UC Berkeley, where she studied economics.  She also studied abroad at the Thammasat University in Thailand.   You can click on Katie's blog site to see how her semester abroad went.  You can also click on her photo gallery to see pictures of her Thailand adventure.  While at college she met her future husband - Dan McLeod.    She is an actuary and has passed all ten of the exams required to become a Fellow in the Society of Casualty Actuaries. (FSCA.)  She is employed at AAA in Walnut Creek.   Susan and I visited her while she was studying in Thailand and you can read about our trip here.  Dan went of from Berkeley to study Law at Hastings College and has passed the California bar exam.   Dan's expertise is in Real Estate and he works for Cushman & Wakefield.  Dan and Katie were married in 2014 and live in  Oakland.  You can view pictures of their wedding here.   Click here for current pictures of Katie, or click here for pictures of Katie as a kid.

                                                       Hannah & Natalie                                                     Maxx and Elliott on the 4th of July



Here is an interesting set of pictures showing how my family has grown.  This first picture was probably taken in 1990, and shows Jason, Katie and Sean with our dog, Chelsea. 


This second picture was taken in 2006 and shows how everyone has grown.  It is Jason, Katie and Sean with our dog, Hattie.


And this family picture was taken on Thanksgiving 2007 and used as our 2007 Christmas card photo.




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