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I love a good movie! 

I took a film studies class while I was in college and felt it gave me some insight into the art of films.  Here are a few that I really enjoy.




I can watch this movie a hundred times. Actually, I think I have!

All of life's answers can be found in this movie. By the Cohn brothers.

Every citizen of earth should watch this movie. Otherwise, we're just destined to always have wars.

In my top five.

Also in my top five.

Amazing performances by Edward Norton and Brad Pitt

A documentary about these guys going 'round the world on bikes. Riveting.

The greatest movie ever made.

I recently saw this. A very funny movie. Kinda like 'Animal House' in a department store.

Sheer genius. Quentin Tarantino's first directed movie.

I love these guys. Stan, Kyle, Eric, and Kenny. Matt & Trey, too.

Claymation at its finest. Very funny and enjoyable.

OK. The classic motorcycle documentary of all time by Bruce Brown. It made motorcyclists look to the world like real people, again.

A great action documentary of the 2003 running of the Baja 1000 off-road race. By Dana Brown, Bruce's son!

My pick for Best Movie of the year - 2006. Too bad it wasn't nominated.

This set the standard for action movies. Spielsberg said he modeled it after the old-time radio cliffhangers.

This is the most amazing story of survival I've ever heard. You won't believe it.

This is not a comedy, but, I chuckle whenever I think of it. Very well done.

The best animation movie. Very funny. Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy are tops.

The best Western ever made. Better then True Grit.

The best musical ever made into a movie. Loads of fun.

An absolute joy to watch. The best mariage of real-life and animation ever done, but, a really great movie, too.




The Internet Movie Database (IMDB)




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