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Sean with Katie as she dines

Getting a bath.

I'm sure Katie hates me for including this photo.

Susan, Katie and Jason in front of our Wichita home.

Taken spring of 1988

Big time cutie!

Katie and Chelsea

On a camping trip near Mt. Shasta

Katie in a pretty Christmas dress, as the train goes around the tree.

Her first pony ride

School photo

Dance lessons

Katie in net

Sean and Jason strapped a pillow to their younger sister, put a hockey helmet on her head, and gave her a baseball mitt and a goalie stick. Then, they stuck her in the goalie net and began taking slap shots on her.

Katie with a boo-boo

She took a tumble on a camping trip on some gravel. She had a scar for about a year, but eventually it faded.

Now she really hates me for posting this picture

Chelsea's bed in the garage. The warmest and safest place to take a nap.

Katie's third (?) grade school photo

Father and daughter on a ski trip.

Pouring her dad a beer from the keg.

We'd get a keg of beer to have during our famous Thanksgiving camping trips.

Do I count nine candles?

Her Brownie troop

Her Girl Scout troop

Father and daughter floating down the American River

Three generations of Donahue women

Katie listening to Sean's strumming

Practicing her flute in fourth grade

Her dad showing her how it's done. (Not!)

Getting ready for one of our Indian Princess meetings

Katie and Jason had bumped knees while both were bouncing on our trampoline. Katie got the worst of the deal.

Indian Princess meeting in our garb.

Father and daughter in a three-legged race

Indian Princess weekend at Camp Campbell. This is one of my all-time favorite photos.

The Shasta tribe.

Lining up before we march in the Los Gatos Children's Christmas parade.

The Katie Raser poster.

A school project

On the computer

I wanted to make sure Katie got as much computer time as the boys, so, I kept her stocked with computer games that were designed for girls.

Katie and her two brothers in a swim team photo - 1998

I rented this BMW for a weekend, and Katie had fun going for a spin.

Graduation day from Dartmouth Middle School.

Katie and her dad, hitting the slopes

Just a snapshot in front of our home.

Katie and Jason

Our local swim team selects one girl and one boy swimmer to be awarded the Mr./Miss Piranha trophy. Katie was Miss Piranha for 2002

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