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Jason - Most Valuable Baby

Sean holding his new brother - Jason!

Happy kid

A very relaxed Jason sleeping with his Teddy Ruxpin

I bought these kimonos for Sean and Jason on one of my trips to Japan

Sean & Jason with their mom

Easter, 1987

Sean is giving me some very important advice. Jason appears to agree.

In his Mickey Mouse playhouse

Jason with his new sister - Katie! Sitting in front of our Wichita home. Spring of 1988.

Jason loved playing baseball.

On one of our many ski trips.

You shouldda seen the other kid!

The Den Two Pythons Susan was their den leader for four years!

From left: Jeff Smyth, Darren Fujikawa, Travis Boettner, David Koepec, Jason, Brandon Taylor, Susan, Tim Harris, Mark Gentrup, Brian Wong

Graduation day from Dartmouth Middle School.

Playing Peewee hockey for the Contempo Flames

The Contempo Flames

Jason and his team, with Coach Harrigan

Sean, Travis Boettner, and Jason

Sitting on the beach at Lake Tahoe.

The Den Two boys, all grown up.

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