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I got my ham radio license at the age of 13.  My original class of license was ‘novice’ and my callsign was WN6AEE.  I subsequently got a ‘general’ class with callsign N6AZW, and eventually upgraded to an ‘amateur extra’ class with my present callsign of WB6H.
I was active on the Ten-Ten net, number 32699.

Ham operators have developed this wonderful tradition over the years.  After they've had a conversation with another station over the radio, they 'confirm' their contact by exchanging postcards.  These postcards are called QSL cards and are custom made for each ham radio station.  This gives the ham an opportunity to be innovative and creative in deciding on a QSL card that says something about him, his location, his goals, and etc.   I have hundreds of QSL cards from all over the world, and here are a few (including my own):

One of my most prized QSL cards. From the other side of the world - Diego Garcia

Some QSL cards are just a sticker on a postcard, like this one from South Africa

Some QSL cards are very informative, like this one describing the wine regions of France

This QSL card is from Israel

I made this contact when Russia was still the Soviet Union.


A missionary in Brazil.

Nice hut.

Down under.

China. It is now easier to have contacts with China. When I got this card it was still pretty hard.

A QSL card from Morocco

A QSL card from an expedition team on Mt. Everest

This is my current QSL card

Instead of having a card that shows off my local area (California - big deal!), I tried to think more globally.

My previous QSL card. Also thinking on a grand scale. This time, our galaxy.

My QSL card when I got back into to hobby at the age of 22.

My childhood 'rig' was a Hammerland receiver and a Hallicrafter transmitter. My set-up didn't look too much different from this drawing (minus the cat.)

My first QSL card as a kid. Age 13.

This photo was taken during happy hour on 'Field Day' in 1998

I had borrowed Dave Woodrow's motorhome and brought my dirt bike, as you can see in the background.

The 55 foor tower I had on my home in Wichita.



I belonged to a handful of radio clubs, links below




The American Radio Relay League (ARRL)


West Valley ARA


South Coast ARN


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