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My dad was a mechanical engineer. He passed away in November of 2009.  My mother was a teacher.  She passed away in 2019.   Here are some pictures of my folks.









I am the middle of three brothers.  My older bother, Bill, is a VP of IT for CitiCorp Insurance, and lives in Atlanta.  He is married and has three kids.  My younger brother, Richard, was an engineer for Boeing and lives in our childhood home with his wife, Dori.

The photo on the right is a childhood photo of my older brother, Bill, holding our two pet guinea pigs, Lucy & Linda.  (Named after LBJ's daughters.)  This was taken about 1962.  Bill is dressed up for going to church. 










My brother married a wonderful woman named Judith.  They are happily married now for 34 years, and have three nice kids. I was the best man in Bill's wedding.  Below are some pictures from his wedding album.




Below is Katie's graduation day from high school.  My folks, along with my brother, Richard, joined us to celebrate Katie's big day.

And below is my mom taking a spin with me one of my motorcycles.  She looks good in leather, don't you think?


Below is a picture taken from a Raser family reunion about 1998.

Back row:  My brother Richard, my dad, my brother Bill, Jason, Sean, Susan and me.

Front row:  Judith (Bill's wife), Scott, Kevin, Lindsey (Bill & Judith's kids), my mom, and Katie.

Scott and Kevin are identical twins, so, I could have them backwards.







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