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These are the cars I’ve owned where I was the primary driver.  Driving the Cadillac was fun, since everyone who saw it knew it was me.  Too bad the quality was so poor. The Honda Accord was a lot of fun – great reliability and great sound system.  I sold it to Jason at 135K miles, and he put another 75K on it delivering pizzas and commuting back and forth to college.  The Cadillac and the Benz have been my “coming of age” cars.  Absolutely love the F150 Lariat Super Club Cab.


1967 Triumph Spitfire
1972 Mercury Capri
1978 Mercury Zephyr
1979 Cadillac Seville
1984 Ford Econoline E150 Van
1989 Mercury Sable
1992 Ford Econoline E150 Van
1994 Honda Accord
1994 Mercedes Benz E420
2003 Mercury Mountaineer SUV
2006 Honda Accord
2012 Ford F150 Lariat


1967 Triumph Spitfire Mark III

Not my exact car, but, a picture of the same model, year, and color.

1972 Mercury Capri

I loved this car. My first real car. (The Triumph was a disaster and doesn't really count, since it never ran.)

1979 Cadillac Seville

350 V8 fuel-injected engine. Fun to drive, but the 11 mpg hurt.

These shots were taken in front of our Wichita home

1984 Ford Econoline van conversion pulling a 18 foot Prowler travel trailer.

The same '84 van pulling a 24 foot Majorca trailer

1992 E150 Custom Van

Our family had a lot of fun with this van for many years

We got to order it just to our specifications, including the slider door, engine size, towing capability, and sound system.

Pulling a 1994 27 foot Prowler bunkhouse trailer.

My '89 Mercury Sable. Its life ended in a head-on crash (not my fault.) I was banged up but ok.

1994 MBZ E420

The small V-8 is like a rocket, and gthe aftermarket sound system I added rocked.




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